Code Like a Girl

Free beginner coding classes *by and for* women in Central New York.

About us

Code Like a Girl was inspired by (but not affiliated with) Hear Me Code. We are focused on teaching Python for now, but may expand to other languages in the future.

Our students include people with no prior programming experience and people with skills in other languages. The group and classes are free and open to all who identify as women and want to learn to code.

Young adults/teens may attend classes, too, but we ask that they be referred by an adult CLG member. (Recommended minimum age is 16, but if the referring adult believes the teen can be successful in a class of adults, we will trust their judgement.)

Lessons are held once a month on weekends, right here in CNY – so far all in space generously donated by The Tech Garden in Syracuse.


Subscribe to our Google Group to hear about and attend classes. Please mention this page in your membership request.

Upcoming events

We are holding two sessions of Python Lesson 1 in October 2016. These classes are perfect for new members to get started, and existing members who want a refresher.

RSVP info will be finalized soon, so to find out about these and other future classes, join the Google Group and keep an eye on your email!

Hack Upstate VIII: October 8-9, 2016

Join Code Like a Girl and other Upstate NY innovation enthusiasts at Hack Upstate! You do NOT have to be a professional "techie" to attend and contribute to hackathons. This semi-annual regional hackathon encourages and celebrates using technology and working together to make a difference in the community. Seriously, all the participants are incredibly kind, welcoming, and supportive – it's a blast.


You can send us a message using the Google Group Contact Owner form, or directly via email, or reach out to the group manager, Alison, on Twitter.